California has the most security guards in the U.S. (over 142,000). It also has the biggest demand for security guards in the nation and the demand is projected to increase annually through the decade.

How To Become A Guard In California.  If you’re interested in a career as a security guard in California, you’ll have to first pass a background check and become licensed by California’s Bureau of Security, Investigative Services (BSIS).

Licensing courses are online. You can register for courses by going to The initial 8-hour course, which allows you to be hired as a security guard with limited duties, costs $25. A full 40 hours of training is $65. After successfully completing the entire program, you will be able to undertake all the activities of a fully licensed security guard. Additional training is required for an armed guard license.

Being a successful security guard requires vigilance, excellent communication and leadership skills and problem-solving abilities.

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