California Guard Card Renewal

How to Renew Your Security Guard Card

Like most professional service providers, security guards need to receive continuing education training in order to maintain their guard status.

Here are the requirements:

Once you are hired as a security guard, BSIS requires you to complete 32 hours of mandatory continuing education within six months of being hired.

  • 16 hours within 30 days
  • 16 hours within six months

After a year on the job, you will be required to take an additional eight hours of refresher continuing education within one year before your guard card can be renewed.

ACS offers online continuing education:

Continuing Education Training (32 hours of initial continuing education training)

Your Responsibilities

  • It’s your responsibility to keep BSIS informed of any change of address. You can submit a change of address by going online.
  • Guard licenses must be renewed every two years. Guards will receive a renewal application about 90 days before their guard card expires. Once received, renew immediately. By law, guards must submit their renewal application at least 60 days before the expiration date. Here is a link to the application and further renewal instructions.
  • Make sure you complete and sign the form and include payment. By signing the form, you are certifying that you completed the required continuing education courses. You can also renew online after logging in. The annual renewal fee is $35 but increases to $60 if filed late.
  • While waiting for your new guard card to arrive by mail, you can print out the renewed license with the new expiration date by logging into the BSIS site. Use the printed version until your card arrives. Remember, you are always required to carry your card and valid driver’s license with you while on duty.
  • If you fail to renew your guard card within 60 days after its expiration date, you must re-apply for a new guard card and re-take all the guard classes, pay for fingerprinting and pay all application fees.