Individuals interested in becoming security guards in California must first take courses from California’s Bureau of Security, Investigative Services (BSIS). These security guard courses can be completed online at your own pace.

Once you complete the initial 8 hours of training, pass background checks and are fingerprinted, you can apply for a Guard Card. This card allows you to begin limited work at a California security guard company.

To apply for a Guard Card, create a login and go to the application here: For a YouTube video on how to fill out the application, go to

You can register for your security courses by going to The initial 8-hour course costs $25. A full 40 hours of required training is $65. After completing the entire program and passing exams with no errors, you will be able to undertake all the activities of a fully licensed security guard. Additional training is required to receive an armed guard license. Eight hours of continuing education is required annually.

Only BSIS-licensed security guards are eligible to work in California. Other state security guard licenses are not valid.

For information on licensing requirements in California, contact Access Control Security, go to or call 877-482-7324.