Zippia, a job search and research company, recently conducted a nationwide analysis on the best states for unarmed security guard jobs. California was ranked number five based on the demand for security guards, earnings and Bureau of Labor Statistics measurements. It found that the best city in America for unarmed security guard jobs with the highest pay is San Francisco.

Security Guard Demand Continues. Guards have been in high demand for a number of years. The shortage of trained and licensed security guards became more pronounced during the recent lockdown. As restrictions are lifting and communities get back to normal, look for the need for security guards to continue. Guards are a mainstay at public and private events, transportation stops, hotels and resorts and tourist attractions.

Armed and unarmed security guards have become fixtures in society. Guards are asked to perform security functions so the public feels safe. Law enforcement can’t be everywhere. Security guards fill in the gaps. When a serious incident occurs, guards secure an area or subdue an individual until police arrive.

A career as a security guard is rewarding and challenging. If you have a strong desire to help others and to ensure that neighborhoods and communities are safe, a security guard career might be right for you. To become a licensed security guard you must complete rigorous course work, pass background checks, secure a position at a security guard firm such as Access Control Security (ACS) and then complete additional training.

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