Role of a security officer

The role of a security officer is to minimize property loss and injury to employees or visitors when an event occurs. Security officers must always remember to obtain all the facts as quickly as possible and refrain from injecting their own opinion or commentary regarding any incident. Comments such as, “I knew that this would eventually happen. I have told them a hundred times about this.” or “No one cares around here.” can potentially be damaging legally to the client for the company or client where the officer is employed. Always remember that when in doubt, call for help–and the sooner the better!

Type of Incidents Where Communication Is Essential

The following information needs to be obtained by the security officer for each of the specific incidents listed below.  


  1. The time the incident was reported to you
  2. How were you notified of the incident and by whom?
  3. The specific location of the fire.
  4. The types of materials involved (solvents, flammables, etc…)
  5. The extent of any injuries and the number of persons injured.
  6. Were any fire protection suppression systems activated?
  7. The time that 9-1-1 was notified and by whom.
  8. The time emergency personnel arrived on scene.
  9. Whether or not the facility was evacuated
  10. The time you notified client contacts and your supervisor.