Render Assistance to the Injured

Once at the scene, attempt to quickly analyze the situation and prioritize what must be done.

  1. Provide first aid to the injured or remove a person(s) from harm’s way (i.e., fire).
  2. Identify the need for additional assistance, radio for additional help, and if necessary call for police and fire units to respond.
  3. Attempt to stabilize the situation by treating the injured, calling for assistance, and providing general direction.

Effect Arrest of Perpetrator

If a criminal offense has occurred resulting in a serious injury caused by a vehicular accident or assault, attempt to keep all parties at the scene. If you are not certain of the facts be cautious about arresting or even detaining persons. Be extremely cautious in pursuing individuals off the grounds of your facility. You must remember what legal authority and power you possess. Additionally, your organization may not want you to pursue possible suspects. Instead, you may only be required to provide the police with a physical description of the alleged suspects.

Locate & Identify Witnesses

Upon arrival at the scene and once you have determined who requires first-aid, attempt to identify anyone and everyone who may have knowledge of what occurred. Ask witnesses to remain in the area until you have had a chance to talk to them. It is critical in this situation that you have a notebook and pen at your disposal. Attempt to interview those persons who were actually involved, whether they are the alleged victims or perpetrators.

Interview Complainant & Witnesses

As mentioned, if a person requested your presence at the scene, this should be the first person you speak to after you have arrived on the scene. Naturally, if persons are injured or their safety is in danger, you must wait to interview the complainant.

Many security officers are not proficient in interviewing persons simply because they have not had much experience in this area. It is essential at this time that security officers maintain their composure and demonstrate a cool and calm demeanor. Security officers who demonstrate coolness under pressure instill confidence with witnesses.

The best place to start the interview process is at the beginning by obtaining the following:

  • Date & Time of Accident
  • Date & Time of Report
  • Name of Person
  • Address of Person
  • Complainant/Witness
  • Phone Number
  • Social Security Number