Golf Cart Safety Procedures

The following are basic rules of operating and maintaining golf carts when used by security personnel.

Safety When Operating a Golf Cart

The maximum speed of a golf cart depends upon the terrain over which it is being driven, the weather conditions, and the total weight of the golf cart and passengers and any equipment being carried. A golf cart should be operated at a speed equivalent to a well-paced walk, but no faster than 15 MPH. Golf cart operators must observe all California vehicle traffic laws such as lane travel, stop signs, legal passing of other vehicles, etc.

Golf carts should be operated on a client’s private property at all times. Sidewalks should be used only where a client’s campus streets and/or parking lots are not available, in which case only the nearest adjacent street or parking lot should be used.

Most golf carts are designed to carry a driver and one passenger. A golf cart should not be operated with more passengers than it is designed to carry. All golf carts should have seat belts for the operator and each passenger, and each person riding in the golf cart should be restrained by a safety belt. All occupants in the golf cart should keep hands, arms, legs and feet within the confines of the golf cart at all times when the cart is in motion.

Pedestrians always have the right-of-way. Operators of golf carts must permit this right-of-way. If the golf cart is being operated on a sidewalk, the operator will pull off of the sidewalk or stop when approaching pedestrians.

When the golf cart is not in use, the operator will place the golf cart control lever in the “Neutral” position and remove the key.

When the golf cart is not to be used, such as over­night, the unit should be secured with a cable and lock or other equivalent locking mechanism.