Security personnel will generally have primary responsibility for initiating an emergency evacuation and contacting 9-1-1 emergency personnel. In addition, security personnel will often be asked to monitor emergency notification equipment and direct emergency services

personnel to specific locations.

In fact, in recent years, public safety officials have increasingly praised the role that private security officer play in helping emergency responders get information when they arrive at the scene of an incident, such as where a fi re is, where the fore control panels are, and how to get to certain locations in a building if one access way is blocked.

A security officer should review all emergency response issues at the beginning of the shift to ensure they fully understand their duties and responsibilities. These responsibilities include: knowing who is responsible for implementing the emergency response plan, ordering an evacuation of all personnel, and awareness of all other employees who may have been be given special emergency response duties, such as Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT).

Finally, security officers should locate and review the emergency contact list. If it is determined that names and phone numbers have not been recently updated, an Incident Report noting this should be submitted to the security supervisor.