Security personnel should receive the necessary and adequate training in order to effectively discharge their responsibilities. Documentation of this training in the form of written training checklists signed by the security officer and their trainer is strongly advised, as documentation of

such training can help shield from liability. Failure to receive the proper training and/or failure by the security officer to conduct his/her self appropriately in an emergency, can result in serious liability issues for the security officer, his her employer and the company with whom they contract.

A charge of negligence against a security officer and his/her employer may be claimed if the officer “failed to act” during an emergency. A charge of malfeasance may also be claimed if a security officer acted or responded in a manner that was improper due to the lack of knowledge

and understanding. In both cases, security officers could be faced with being summoned in a civil lawsuit. Proper understanding of the responsibilities of security personnel with adequate training will usually minimize the likelihood of these lawsuits.