Relations with Local Peace Officers Or Law Enforcement

Your job is made easier if you have a good working relationship with the local peace officers.

  • NEVER play “cop”. You don’t have the training for it and you don’t have the legal authority to do the same things a peace officer can do. Also, playing “cop” may antagonize the local law enforcement and hurt your company’s working relations with them. Impersonating a peace officer is a felony.
  • DON’T MISLEAD PEOPLE. Because of your uniform, badge, hat or other gear, some people may think you are a peace officer. DON’T do anything to encourage this false idea. Whenever the opportunity arises, make it a point to let them know that you are NOT a peace officer, but a security guard/proprietary private security officer.
  • DURING AN EMERGENCY, you may not interfere with peace officers who may be on the scene even if they are on the private property of your employer or client. You must cooperate to the extent possible with these peace officers or you may be subject to arrest. Penal Code section 150 addresses aid to a peace officer, the person must be at least 18 years of age and be physically fit. If a peace officer’s life is endangered citizens must render aid to the peace officer (Posse Comitatus).

Your roles are different! A peace officer is charged with the enforcement of laws in a city or county. A security guard/proprietary private security officer is responsible for protecting only the specific people or property he is hired to protect.