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Professionalism is the behavior or conduct that one is expected to demonstrate in their particular chosen profession. For security officers, professionalism is an essential element to ensure success.

Observe & Report

To observe and Report is the core responsibility of security officers.

For most security officers, the ability to be alert and to be aware of their surroundings will greatly enhance their chance for success and promotion. At every security post, a set of written post orders or instructions will guide you in terms of your daily responsibility. One of the basic functions of security personnel is to either monitor access to a facility or to actually “grant” access by the opening of an entrance. This will require the officer to interact with visitors and employees daily, to be certain proper identification procedures are followed and to ensure that property does not leave the facility without proper documentation. Usually, security officers’ responsibilities with regard to observe and report consist of the following:

  • Control access to a facility.
  • Meet and greet all visitors, ensuring they have proper identification and are escorted by an employee of the facility if required.
  • Monitor all vehicle traffic, reporting unsafe or dangerous driving conditions.
  • Reporting improper behavior on the part of employees or visitors.
  • Report safety or maintenance issues.


Reduce Improper Behavior

Security personnel may often be compared to a referee or an umpire at a sporting event. No one has come to see the security officer perform daily tasks. However, if something does not go right, rest assured the security officer (much like the umpire at a baseball game) will normally be in the middle of the action. Unfortunately, human nature will often cause people to do things they would normally not do. Or perhaps people act in a proper manner only because someone is watching their behavior. Like it or not, one important aspect of the role of a security officer is to serve as a deterrent to poor or improper behavior. The very fact an observant, well-respected security officer is on duty will normally prevent the theft of material, illegal use of alcohol and drugs, and otherwise inappropriate conduct. Security officers should recognize that being popular is not a goal, nor is being liked by people. Winning the respect of people… that is our goal!

Being professional, polite and tactful will greatly assist the security officer. It is okay to remind an employee with the comment, “Sir, the security policies of the company prohibit you from entering this facility without a valid photo identification badge. Please wait here until I contact your supervisor.”