Some Questions to Think About!

  1. Where should you find the contact information for whom to notify in an emergency? What is your backup plan if you cannot reach the first person on your list?Answer: Depends on post orders.
  2. At your site, who has the authority to order an evacuation?Answer: Depends on post orders.
  3. If the person identified in question #2 is unavailable, what do you do?Answer: Depends on post orders.
  4. What are secondary devices?Answer: A secondary device is an additional weapon at the scene that is planted to cause harm to the first responders. For example, a first explosion may draw the fire department and the secondary device, for example a bomb, is set to go off to kill the arriving fire fighters.
  5. If you think airborne hazardous materials have been released, what path of evacuation would you take?Answer: Crosswind, then upwind.
  6. Why would you pay attention to people leaving the scene of the incident?Answer: They might be the terrorists trying to get away.