According to IBIS, an industry research firm, one of the primary factors affecting the growth of the security guard industry is the crime rate. Crime rates surged in 2020 to the highest level in this century and 2021 may be even worse. The demand for well-trained California security guards to protect the public and property has never been greater.

Security Guard Careers. For those who are interested in careers in the security guard field, now is an excellent time to start training. California guard certification programs are conducted online. After successfully completing eight hours of initial training and passing extensive background checks, you are issued a guard card by California’s Bureau of Security and Investigative Service.

The security guard card gives you the ability to apply for a security job at a California security guard company. It’s only the start of your training, however. Once you have secured a position at a security firm, you are required to successfully complete another 16 hours of training within 30 days of being hired and another 16 hours within 6 months of being on the job. Until you are fully licensed, your assignments will be reflect your current level of training.

Once you have passed all your training, you can apply for additional BSIS licenses by taking courses to receive permits to carry a firearm, tear gas and baton.

Top security guard companies, including Access Control Security (ACS), provide additional training to their guards as new security threats arise and new security technology is introduced.

The demand for security guards will continue to grow. A security guard career is a rewarding and satisfying profession. To learn more about becoming a security guard in California, go to