With the growing concern about the coronavirus, hospitals are on high alert when receiving new patients. Hospital security guards stationed in emergency rooms are on the front lines. In addition to their duties of helping manage the flow of patients and addressing violent or unruly patient behavior, emergency room security guards must now be on the lookout for high-risk patients who may have symptoms of the virus.

First Contact. Security guards often have the first contact with patients seeking treatment in the ER. They help with check-ins and help patients when it’s their turn for care. As an extra precaution, guards are now being stationed outside ER entrances. If a patient with flu or respiratory symptoms is requesting help, guards are being asked to alert hospital staff who will then escort the individual to an isolated area.

This procedure is being used to reduce potential exposure from the virus to other patients with compromised immune systems.

Emergency Room Security. Emergency rooms are often jammed with people, especially during evenings and weekends. Emergency room security guards provide peace of mind to those waiting for treatment. Security guards ensure that order is maintained especially when ill or injured individuals have to wait extended periods as more seriously ill or injured patients are treated first.

ERs face other challenges. With the nation’s drug epidemic, some emergency rooms routinely see overdose cases. These patients are typically frightened or violent. Emergency room security guards are called in to help restrain these patients until treatment takes effect.

ERs are hectic, emotional and stressful places. A hospital security guard company provided designated ER security guards, trained to address patient and hospital staff needs. They go a long way to create a sense of calm and order. This is especially important as worries grow by both the public and medical practitioners about the coronavirus and its transmission.

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