Across California, the demand for security guards has grown tremendously—the direct result of the multitude of calamities that have taken place in 2020. The pandemic, civil unrest and wildfires have elevated the need for private security guards in both the public and private sectors.

Business Protection. Whether it’s a hospital screening visitors, a retail store enforcing mask-wearing rules or a business protecting property from vandalism and looting, security guards are being called on to help. In each scenario, guards are providing front-line security so hospital and store employees do not have to face potentially life-threatening situations.

Public Protection. During the pandemic, local governments have had to restrict the number of people at parks, beaches and other public sites. Security guards enforce social distancing and mask wearing, keeping communications with the public positive, yet firm. Guards are trained to follow all security and safety directions of the local municipality.

Home Protection. With almost 4 million acres burned in California so far this year, thousands of people have had to evacuate—leaving homes susceptible to not only fire damage but to criminal activity. Access Control Security guards are trained in fire watch security. Guards watch over evacuated homes and private communities, securing properties from would-be robbers and vandals.

Security firms and their guards have always played a big role in public and private security, but their security services and skills have never been so important. Expect the need for security guards to continue as we head into 2021.

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