Photo credit: Nicole Abalde

Wedding season is upon us. A lot goes into a wedding—selecting the location, food, music, guest list, invitations, decorations, attire—but how about wedding security? If you’re arranging a large reception, especially where alcohol is plentiful, you must be prepared for the possibility of unruly guests, wedding crashers (hoping to nab free drinks and food) and thieves pilfering items from guests and the gift table.

Security guards are becoming more common at larger weddings. Usually dressed in plain clothes, they guard the gift table, stand at the bar to monitor alcohol consumption, discreetly diffuse arguments before they get out of hand and remove uninvited individuals. They are also can be invaluable in case of fire and other types of emergencies.


When it comes to security for your wedding, check with the wedding venue. Some require that you supply security guards while others provide them.

Here are simple suggestions to keep your wedding secure:

–Place the gift table away from exits in an easily monitored location

–Require all guests to check in to the reception—even if it’s open seating

–Limit alcohol consumption (close the bar early and begin serving coffee and non-alcoholic beverages)

–Hire security guards to monitor the gift table, bar and guest behavior


You have enough to worry about when it comes to planning a wedding. Security shouldn’t be one of them.