August 22, 2016

construction3 photoKeeping a construction site secure from theft and vandalism is an ongoing concern. A 2014 Heavy Equipment Theft Report by the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) shows California ranked 6th when it comes to construction site heavy equipment thefts. Equipment theft cost businesses roughly $400 million a year. Some say the loss is as high as $1 billion annually.

While the NICB report focused on heavy equipment security, construction companies also have to worry about smaller equipment thefts and vandalism that can stop a construction job in its tracks.

Construction Site Theft Prevention Tips:

–Use fencing to surround the site. While not always physically or financially practical, a fence can keep out opportunistic thieves and vandals.

–Keep track of who is coming and going from the site. Crafty thieves can drive in with an empty truck, fill it with construction equipment and materials and drive out if no one is paying attention

–Screen all personnel on the job site. If you are using subcontractors, make sure those subs have screened their workers. Most construction site thefts are inside jobs.

–Keep the lights on. Thieves typically like to work in the dark.

–Install security surveillance cameras.  Most criminals don’t want be on camera.

–Add electronic security to warn when someone has breached the perimeter (i.e., cuts a whole in a fence or attempts to break into a locked gate).

–Maintain a human presence with security guards (our favorite tip). Trained security personnel can be a powerful deterrent to crime. Security guards can provide a host of services including monitoring supplies and equipment, keeping unauthorized personnel off the property and around the clock security.