While training is vital to be a successful California security guard, other skills are needed as well. The U.S. Department of Labor laid out a list of abilities that are necessary to help undertake daily security guard tasks.

Social Skills. The Labor Dept. said a successful guard should have a strong social and enterprising nature. Much of a guard’s day-to-day activity involves working and communicating with others. Guards must have the ability to make quick decisions and take the lead when events warrant strong leadership.

Other skills, according to the Labor Dept., include problem sensitivity, inductive reasoning, active listening, social perceptiveness and selective attention. With problem sensitivity, for example, security guards can more easily detect signs of intrusion and identify any out-of-the-ordinary activities. Social perceptiveness involves circulating among event attendees or employees to protect property and preserve order.

Being a security guard isn’t all about catching bad guys. While security guards must always be on alert for illegal activity, they must also enjoy interacting with and helping others–these are a big part of the job. The right combination of multiple social and security skills is what makes a successful guard.

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