To be a successful security guard in California requires intense and ongoing course training. Because of this security guard training, when serious and possibly life-threatening situations arise, guards will know how to respond appropriately.

How To Start Security Guard Training. Candidates who want to become a security guard in California must first pass an initial eight-hour program that discusses the legal and liability issues associated with security guards and basic security guard functions such as:

–the power to arrest

–escalation and de-escalation techniques in the use of force

–use of restraint techniques

–enforcing trespassing laws

–understanding the role of a security officer to prevent an incident

After completing a test on these subjects with a 100 percent score, passing background checks and having their fingerprints taken, applicants receive a license and can do basic security work with a security guard company. The next step is to complete a comprehensive 32-hour program that goes into detail on all types of security issues within six months of the initial 8-hour course. In California, guard licenses are issued by the Bureau of Security & Investigative Services (BSIS). An additional eight hours of continuing education must be completed annually.

Only BSIS-licensed security guards are eligible to work in California. Other state security guard licenses are not valid.

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