Final Comment

You should be congratulated over the fact that you have chosen to learn in more detail the complex issues involving arrest, search and seizure in California. By knowing this area of the law, you will be a more effective security officer. It is our hope that you obtained at least a couple of “golden nuggets” from this Advanced Module, and will be able to apply its concepts immediately in your profession as a licensed security officer.

We want the criminals to be punished without getting away with crime. Importantly, we also want to be sure that you and your security company will be protected from any type of civil liability.

The laws are complex, deriving from both statutes and case law handed down by the appellate courts. They are all intended to ensure that the Fourth Amendment is properly followed. By understanding the subtleties of these laws, you have taken a big step toward ensuring that our protections will be honored, while at the same time be able to help apply justice in a lawful manner.