Types of Security Reports

Most security departments use a variety of reports including:

  • Shift Logs or Daily Logs
  • Vehicle Logs
  • Visitor/Contractor Logs
  • Material Control Passes/Logs
  • Incident Reports

These may cover a wide variety of events such as fire, theft, injury, safety hazard, maintenance or housekeeping item, etc.

Shift/Daily Logs

These logs are used to document all of the significant events which occur during a particular shift. For example:

  • Officer’s name
  • On-duty time
    • Name of officer relieved
    • Notation as to obtaining keys, card access devices, etc.
  • Name of officer going off-duty
  • Times of all patrols
    • Notation of any unusual observations after first patrol
  • Number of personnel/vehicles on site
  • Doors/Windows open or unlocked
  • Coffee pots which are in the “on” position.
  • Special notes or instructions regarding visitors, contractors or a special delivery which is expected
    • Equipment out of service and status (i.e. fire protection sprinkler system out of order due to repair, etc…)
    • Pick-up and delivery times of parcels
    • Condition of security equipment (note any problems with CCTV cameras, radios, etc.)
  • Times of officer’s breaks for lunch or restroom
  • Unusual phone calls
  • Alarm notification (type of alarm and time)
  • Notation of incident
  • Off-duty time
  • Name of relieving officer
  • Notation as to keys and equipment given to arriving security officer

Shift or daily log reports are the most common and frequent types of reports written by security officers. Often, for these reasons, they are the most boring. Security officers only create problems for themselves and their departments when they fail to note the most basic facts and incidents which took place on their shift.