Security officers are often asked to provide escorts to and from parking areas. Often the security officer will be escorting female employees. A concern may arise as to the benefit of a female security officer escorting a female employee if they were to be accosted. However, statistically,

the likelihood of a physical assault is reduced by 50% when two people are walking together, regardless of gender.

These escorts are usually routine and seldom involve a physical confrontation. However, if an employee has requested an escort due to the existence of a restraining order involving a domestic dispute, the likelihood for a problem is greatly increased.

When providing escorts, notification to another security officer or call center is recommended. If this is not possible, the security officer needs to note in the DAR the date, time and name of the person who requested the escort. During the actual escort, security personnel should be professional, courteous and sensitive to the fact that the person they are escorting may not want to engage in conversation. Walk just to the right or left of the person and just slightly ahead of them, paying particular attention to avoiding physical contact. Also, never accept a tip or gratuity from the person you are escorting!