The Daily Activity Report (DAR) is the written documentation that security personnel have performed their duties in the appropriate manner during the course of their shift. The first item to enter on the DAR is your name, date and time of the shift. This information should be printed neatly in black ink. The first notation of the report should indicate the time on duty, assuming the duties of the relieving officer. The following additional information should be part of the DAR:


* Name of officer relieved

* Notation of obtaining keys, card access devices, etc.

* Time of all patrols

* Notation of any unusual observations after first patrol

* Number of personnel/vehicles on site

* Doors/windows open or unlocked

* Coffee pots operating

* Equipment that is out of service

* Pickup and delivery times of parcels

* Condition of security equipment

* Time of officers’ breaks

* Unusual phone calls

* Alarm notifications (type of alarm and time)

* Notation of incident

* Off-duty time

* Name of relieving officer

* Notation as to the keys and equipment given to arriving officer, Security officers should always refrain from completing any part of their DAR in advance. While boredom may sometimes encourage such a practice, it should be avoided at all times.

Again, the post orders and assignments for your specific job site can and may vary widely from these examples, and from post to post. Review your post orders and if you have any questions, ask your supervisor. Proper training in the completion of your DAR by a responsible supervisor is essential to the successful completion of your duties.