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Bribes are defined as: anything offered or given to someone in a position of trust to induce that person to act dishonestly. Security officers who accept money from persons in order for the security officer to “look the other way,” are guilty of accepting bribes and should be terminated at once!

Attempted bribes of security personnel will often occur if other dishonest employees believe that in order to commit an act, they must protect themselves from the likelihood of security observing their conduct. Bribes will usually not be offered if the person offering the bribe believes their offer will be refused. Acceptance of a bribe will result in immediate termination of a security officer.

Gambling, Betting And/or Borrowing Money

Security officers who bet with other officers or with employees of a facility are violating the accepted code of conduct for security personnel. Gambling or betting debts can become quite excessive and result in compromises in the overall security of a facility.

Borrowing money from employees and/or co-workers is also an unacceptable practice. Borrowed money is often never paid back which causes resentment and hard feelings. Co-workers and client employees should never be asked to loan money for any reason.

Sexual Harassment

Security officers who attempt to solicit attention from members of the opposite sex may find themselves on the receiving end of a sexual harassment complaint if their advances are unwarranted and not acceptable. Security officers should never attempt to date employees of the facility where they work for obvious reasons. Conflicts of interest can easily develop and compromises in the security operation are possible.

Any verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature that can create an intimidating, hostile, or offensive work environment cannot be tolerated. Any undesirable activity such as sexual, racial, or ethnic jokes, unwelcome sexual advances or requests for sexual favors in exchange for special treatment cannot be tolerated.

Companies and organizations who condone or tolerate behavior which is considered to be of a harassing nature can be sued in a federal court and subject to severe financial penalties.