WMD Video Review

In the WMD video the term “CBRNE” is used for the types we described previously. CBRNE stands for:

  • C – Chemical
  • B – Biological
  • R – Radiological
  • N – Nuclear, and
  • E – Explosive weapons

The video also uses the term “TLO” when describing a special role for a police officer, a “terrorism liaison officer.” The video tells the officers to report their suspicions and evidence to the TLO. In your role as a security professional, however, you will report according to your post orders.

As security professionals, you will in most cases not stop vehicles and make arrests. However, the point of the video you watched is to remind you to be vigilant and suspicious of unusual behavior.

  1. What was the reason for the traffic stop? The truck allegedly ran a red light.
  2. Which behaviors made the officer suspicious? They did not have valid driver’s licenses and their passports were from two different countries. They seemed unsure about what they were doing and where they were going. They said they were gardeners but they seemed too well dressed for that job.
  3. What did the officer find in the cab of the truck? He found maps pointing out sites where many people gather.
  4. What did the officer find in the truck bed? It was loaded with ammonium nitrate, which is used as a fertilizer, but there was just too much of it for any valid purpose.
  5. If you noticed people behaving like this at your site, what would you do? You would call your supervisor to verify that the people had a right to be where they were. If he or she were unavailable, comply with your post orders.