Why Would a Terrorist Target Your Workplace?

Answers depend on the site the security officer is guarding. For example, at a parking structure, the terrorist could inflict damage on great numbers of people if the attack happened at the time most people were arriving or leaving. At a bank, a terrorist could attempt to steal funds for a future operation. At a chemical plant, he might want to obtain toxic or hazardous materials.

What Harm Could Come To California Or The Nation If A Terrorist Attack Occurred At Or Near Your Workplace?

If the officer is in charge of a public area, the main harm could be loss of lives. Other sites would have an economic impact. But above all, the emotional security of Californians would be affected.

When most people think of terrorism, they think of bombs. Can you think of any other means of frightening or hurting large groups of people, maybe biological hazards such as the Anthrax events in Washington, D.C., or the possibility of poisoning the water supply.

What a Potential Terrorist Group Needs In Order To Carry Out an Attack

First, they may need more people to join the organization, so they conduct efforts to increase group membership. Secondly, they need money to travel, rent cars and houses, buy equipment, and so on. Next they need to select or acquire weapons. The chosen date of an attack may also be important, especially if the terrorists choose a date of national significance, such as Independence Day.

Now they need access to a target site, and this is frequently where you come in. Terrorists will attempt to gain access to the sites they have chosen in order to check them out, frequently wearing uniforms that make them seem harmless or legitimate such as cleaning crews. They may even be impersonating police officers. Terrorists also want to know as much about the selected target site as possible, such as building security measures, the number of possible victims, the target’s vulnerabilities, the predictable schedules of incoming and outgoing people and packages, and possible escape routes.

What is your role as a security officer in the prevention and possible handling of terrorist attacks?

It can be summarized in three words: recognize, report, and react. This program will train you to recognize pre-incident indicators and show you what you should report about what you notice.

Reporting events or suspicions according to your post orders is very important. The program will also show you how to react both in cases of suspicious activity and in the case that a WMD attack occurs.