Worker to worker violence

Thus, far the discussion has focused on workplace violence resulting in the murder of employees. While this is a significant problem, other less serious events of workplace violence can occur between workers. Often physical confrontations result which may have been preceded by verbal threats or accusations.

Work-related conflict has existed since people have begun working together. When this conflict is not handled in an organized, professional manner, tensions can escalate to the point of a fight between co-workers. These events usually evolve over long periods of time and may result from any of the following situations:

  1. When a husband and wife or boyfriend/ girlfriend work at the same place of employment. Their domestic problems spill over into the workplace in the form of verbal arguments, followed by possible physical confrontation.
  2. When a person (male/female) becomes romantically involved with a co-worker resulting in a “lover’s triangle” of three people.
  3. When a long simmering feud or dislike between co-workers develops into a physical confrontation.
  4. When employees engage in “horseplay” and lose their tempers, possibly resulting in a physical fight.
  5. When an employee is confronted by another employee over personal debts.
  6. when an employee comes work under the influence of alcohol/drugs and confronts someone.