American football game

American football game

Whether it’s high school, college or professional football, fans will soon be flocking to stadiums to root on their favorite teams. Security has always been tight at football games, but because of the times we live in, on-site security procedures are increasing. Here is some of what fans can expect this season.

–no backpacks, fanny packs or large purses or tote bags

–only clear bags, with contents easily visible, wallets or small purses

–additional screening of permitted bags

–walk-through or hand-held metal detectors

–no reentry once a fan has exited the stadium

–added security personnel throughout the stadium

Easily visible security staff can be enough to deter many types of unruly behavior. Staff are also trained to spot suspicious activity. Security personnel should be located in parking lots, venue entrances, near concession stands and bathrooms, around the perimeter of the playing field and in the stands.

Most athletic event goers understand that these new rules are necessary and welcome the added security. Enhanced security measures, however, typically mean longer lines at the entry gate, which can quickly lead to fan unrest. Football programs must alert patrons ahead of time about the safety measures and requirements so fans know what to expect and can allow for extra time for entry.