Things to Think About:

  1. What are three ways in which a terrorist organization might try to recruit members at your workplace?
    • Holding political rallies
    • Using email to push their point of view
    • Holding secretive meetings
  2. Is there anything a terrorist could steal from your workplace that he could sell to make money? (The Answers depend on the workplace)
    • Autos or other vehicles
    • Financial instruments
    • Pharmaceuticals (to sell on the illegal market)
    • Art, etc.
  3. Under what circumstances would vehicles at your workplace, such as bicycles, cars, trucks, helicopters, or boats, make you suspicious?
    • Parked in unusual places
    • Out-of-the-ordinary size or apparent weight
    • Type of vehicle not normal
    • Delivery van arriving when no deliveries are scheduled
  4. Think of ways in which a terrorist might be able to get onto your site without anyone noticing. This could include…
    • By appearing in a known uniform (police, UPS, janitorial, etc.)
    • By having the key code to the doors
    • By blending in (dressing like everyone else)
    • By wearing a tool belt

Keep In Mind

  1. Terrorist organizations always try to recruit more members.
  2. Terrorist organizations never have all the money they will ever need.
  3. A bomb is the most common terrorist weapon.
  4. A terrorist attack is especially likely on a day of national significance.
  5. A potential terrorist can gain access to a secure site by impersonating a security officer.
  6. Terrorists need to “case the joint” or conduct surveillance of their target.
  7. To move their weapons into place, a terrorist does not always need something huge, like an airplane.
  8. After the attack, the terrorists need to escape, unless it is a suicide attack.