View of woman walking alone at night

We’ve all found ourselves in situations where we’ve felt vulnerable about our personal safety. Here are simple safety tips that can deter bad guys from making you their next victim.

–Don’t use ATMs when it’s dark or in unfamiliar areas.

–Avoid stairwells in parking garages.

–When dropped off a work or home, ask the driver to wait until you are safely inside.

–When leaving a building have your car keys out and in your hand.

–Always carry a cell phone when traveling.

–If you have pepper spray, have it ready while walking at night or going to your vehicle in a dark parking lot. Pepper spray will help in defending against an aggressor. It will temporarily blind the aggressor giving you time to run a way and seek help.

–Immediately lock your doors when entering your vehicle.

–Once you are inside your vehicle, leave! Don’t sit in your car texting or checking your email;

it distracts you and gives criminals that “extra edge” should they decide to approach your