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To work as a security guard, a person merely needs to be 18 years of age or older and free of any prior crimes. Security guards can opt to work any hours they want.  Due to the variety of benefits it offers, security guard work is unquestionably among the most gratifying careers for those looking for part-time work.   You must take care of a few things if you want to work as a security guard.

A good security guard is vigilant and is constantly aware of their surroundings. They must maintain their focus at all times or they run the risk of missing something important or failing to see something that could jeopardize lives.

They must also have quick reflexes. Simply becoming aware of the crime is insufficient—anyone can do it. The difference is that he or she must be able to quickly evaluate the situation, react, and decide how to manage it. Because they are in charge of guarding building entrances and protecting businesses from illegal activities, security guards must be trustworthy and honest. Conflict is a constant risk in this line of work, therefore security officers must be prepared to discourage intruders. They must not only be physically fit, but also appear respectable.  Therefore, if you want to work in the security profession, get yourself fully prepared from one of the best or most reliable online guard card training centers.

Access Control Security (ACS) is one of the top websites for guard card training. The instructors at ACS are highly skilled professionals. They are well-versed in the security guard training programs.  The instructors that deliver the courses are all BSIS certified. The most crucial feature of ACS’s trainer is how frequently interactive sessions are held for applicants to ensure greater understanding. The basic training sessions last for eight hours and are split into two parts:

  • Power to Arrest: The “Department of Consumer Affairs’ Power to Arrest Training Manual” will be often referred to during this four-hour program. This training helps you comprehend both your job’s obligations and any potential legal ramifications. Conversations, protracted lectures, and role-playing games.
  • Weapons of Mass Destruction: The “Department of Consumer Affairs’ Weapons of Mass Destruction & Terrorism Awareness for Security Professionals course” offers training on WMDs. It lasts for four hours. You will have a thorough understanding of how to search for, spot, and report indications of terrorist activity after completing this course.

After finishing the aforementioned training, you are qualified to work as a part-time security guard.   However, you must complete an additional 32 hours of training before you can work as a security professional full-time.

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