bsis security guard card training classes online

These days’ security guard jobs are in high demand not only because of the raised awareness of the masses but also because of the innumerable perks it provides. Security guards are often provided with the opportunity to work in a flexible schedule. Plus, qualified guards are provided with good remuneration. Most importantly, becoming a security guard fills you will moral gratification.   Also, since the job demands high flexibility and physical strength, it invariably helps the individual to maintain a healthy body weight which improves sleep and quality of life.

Apart from this, after the pandemic, security guards are highly respected.  Therefore, becoming a security guard is a viable option if you are looking for a job with minimal qualifications.  With Access Control Security (ACS) you can get full BSIS-certified security guards training.  ACS is a renowned guard card remaining center in California that offers quality security guard training to its candidates.  The experts of ACS are highly qualified and industry experts. They conduct many interactive sessions, discussions and role paying to provide effective training to the candidates.

The basic training of ACS includes:

  1. a) Power to Arrest (4 hours) – In this training “The Department of Consumer Affairs’ Power to Arrest Training Manual” is used as the reference guide to impart training to the candidates. This training course is all about imparting comprehensive knowledge about the job responsibilities and legal aspects of security guards. Numerous discussions, exercises, lectures, and role-playing are conducted during the time of training for better understanding.
  2. b) Weapons of Mass Destruction (4 hours) – In this training “The Department of Consumer Affairs’ Weapons of Mass Destruction & Terrorism Awareness for Security Professionals course” is the reference guide to impart this training to the candidates. This training course is all about offering detailed knowledge about the techniques related to inspecting, identifying and reporting precursor activities of terrorist events.

Once the above training is completed by you, your background check will be conducted by the FBI to ensure that you don’t have any criminal records in the past. And thereafter, an interim guard card license will b provided to you so that you can secure a part-time security guard job. But, if you are willing to work as a full-time security guard, you need to complete another 32 hours of training.

So click  or call us on 877-482-7324 for getting BSIS-certified security guards training at a reasonable rate. We will be pleased to help you.