As stay-at-home restrictions ease, cities are hiring security guards to patrol now-open parks and beaches to ensure patrons follow distancing and other safety guidelines. In Malibu, city officials hired guards to enforce no parking rules near its beaches, parks and hiking trails.

Expect to see more security guards at city and county-run locations. This means more trained and licensed guards are needed immediately.

Guard Duties. Security guards are a reminder that although once-closed venues are now open to the public, life is not back to normal. As part of their duties, guards are authorized by government officials to enforce mandatory restrictions. Their services are critical.

Guards will typically issue warnings to large gatherings, to those who don’t wear required face masks and to sunbathers on beaches that only allow “moving” activities such as running, walking, swimming and surfing.

If someone refuses to abide by health and safety guidelines or ignores warnings, security guards then alert law enforcement who decides on further action to take. Online guard training outlines all the proper procedures.

An Important Role. Without security, there will always be individuals who will try to take advantage of a security-free zone. That’s why it’s so important to have security guards present—especially when the public’s health is at stake.

Interested In Becoming A Security Guard?

After successfully passing a basic eight-hour guard training program and background checks, you are eligible for guard duty. Additional training must be completed within six months of being hired by a security guard company.

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