California’s Bureau of Security & Investigative Services (BSIS) receives hundreds of security guard applications each month. Processing can take up to six weeks. To avoid delays, BSIS lists the most common reasons why security guard applications are rejected. Here are some.

The Name On The Application Doesn’t Match Live Scan Information

Your information is run through Live Scan, which checks for a criminal history from the FBI and DOJ. Make sure the name on your application matches what’s on your Live Scan form. To avoid any issues, BSIS recommends you use the name on your driver’s license on both.

Fingerprint Is Unreadable

The FBI and DOJ use your fingerprint as part of their background check. If the fingerprint is poor quality, you’ll need to resubmit.

Correct Form Not Used

Make sure you use the Live Scan form titled “Security Guard” for your security guard registration. Your application will be rejected if another type of form is used.

For a list of common processing delay issues, go to the BSIS website, or click here.

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