Security guards are an in-demand occupation. Currently, California has over 160,000 guards according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, more than any other state in the country. The Los Angeles-Long Beach-Anaheim region employs over 70,000 guards while San Francisco-Oakland-Hayward has over 21,000 guards providing service. The bureau estimates by the end of the decade, the country will need another 32,000 guards to protect people and property.

These figures were compiled in 2019 and may not tell the whole story. The 2020 COVID pandemic and economic downturn revealed security gaps that won’t go away anytime soon. The use of security guards has proven to be an efficient way to conduct health screenings at medical facilities, shopping centers, restaurants and at work. These procedures may become commonplace as a way to prevent virus spread and reduce medical insurance costs for employers.

Retail stores are requesting security guards on site to keep away criminals who have been emboldened by recent unchecked looting and vandalism. Already financially strapped because of COVID restrictions, shop owners can’t afford to be victims of additional criminal activity.

Security Guard Training Required. As security guards take on heightened responsibilities, proper training is critical. The guard licensing and training process is rigorous. Applicants are first fingerprinted and subjected to Department of Justice and FBI criminal history background checks. They then must successfully complete Bureau of Security, Investigative Services (BSIS) courses before receiving a security guard card. The security guard training card enables the guard to begin basic work at a security guard company.

Once hired by a security firm, guards are required to complete 32 hours of continuing education–16 within 30 days of being hired and another 16 hours within 6 months of being hired. Only then can they take on more demanding duties. Security companies such as Access Control Security, requires even more training for specific jobs and security functions.

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