guard card training in california

Currently, be it government offices, shopping malls, banks, business firms, hospitals, etc., every industry is focusing on their security services.  The fact is crimes rate is surging at a rapid pace.  And for this reasons the demand for well trained and BSIS certified security guards are growing exponentially every year.

It is anticipated that in the coming few years more than 32,000 BSIS certified guards will be required in the state of California to safeguard important places. So, if you wish to have a secure job, then this is the right time to enroll your name for the guard card training.

However, as per the California Government rule, one can enroll their name for security guard training if they are of 18 or 18+ age with no criminal records. So, if you have the criterion, then you can proceed with the basic training which consists of:

  1. a) Power to Arrest (4 hours) – This course will help you to gain knowledge about your job responsibility and legal aspects. “The Department of Consumer Affairs’ Power to Arrest Training Manual” will be used for providing this training which will include discussions, exercises, lectures, and role-playing.
  2. b) Weapons of Mass Destruction (4 hours) – This course will help you to gain knowledge related to the techniques related to inspecting, identifying and reporting precursor activities of terrorist events “The Department of Consumer Affairs’ Weapons of Mass Destruction & Terrorism Awareness for Security Professionals course” will be used for providing this training.

Once you complete the above training, FBI will check your background to verify that you don’t have any past criminal records. And if the information comes clean you will be provided with an interim guard card license. But, note that this interim guard card license will be valid only for working as a part time security guard.  To work as a full time security guard, you need to complete another 2 rounds of training of 32 hours.

So, if you want to avail of the guard card training without any hassle, then contact Access Control Security (ACS). ACS is one of the most trustworthy security guard training providers in California.  ACS has a team of industry experts who has extensive experience in the security field. Hence, the trainers are highly adept to provide top class security guard training to the candidates. Most importantly, ACS offers only BSIS certified training to the candidates. So, you can rest assure that enrolling your name in ACS means you are choosing highly professional training at a reasonable rate.

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