Security guards are the cornerstone of almost any organization, building, or facility that they are responsible for protecting. Anyone thinking about working in this field ought to make sure they are well aware of what a security guard does before applying. An individual might not be qualified for the role of security officer if they are unable to perform all of the duties included in the job. There is much more to a security guard’s responsibilities than just identifying threats and averting them. Here is a quick rundown of every potential security guard duty you should be aware of, without further ado.

Security guard responsibilities can take many different shapes. One of a security guard’s more undervalued duties is writing reports. One of the purposes security guards are on duty is to keep a record of everything that happens. You never know when a dubious initial observation can turn out to be important later on. This suggests that any significant event that takes place while a security guard is on duty ought to be fully documented in writing. Naturally, in order for the guard’s supervisor and the relevant authorities to know what happened, a report needs to be written up if a crime is committed while they are watching or if something significant happens that calls for them to intervene. This is among the most crucial elements of security guard training. It goes without saying that it is imperative to document any incidents as soon as they occur, if not in real time. Being able to accomplish this easily and in real time would be fantastic.

One of the most common duties of a security guard is traffic management. Maintaining order and security when a security guard is posted at a busy area or working during a major event involves directing attendees to the right place. Naturally, all security personnel will be trained on where to direct cars, but they still need to be ready to walk all event guests through it. One of a security guard’s responsibilities in a crisis or emergency is to act as the first line of defense until the appropriate authorities are notified. A security officer should receive training on handling any situation that may arise before beginning work. They will be the first to take action if it is necessary to help or protect individuals. They will get assistance from additional security personnel, police officers, and other first responders depending on the severity of the incident. However, being the first to respond to a crisis and offer the first line of defense will always be a component of a security guard’s duties.

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