A recent survey by the International Foundation For Protection Officers asked over 10,600 security guards questions about their duties and how they felt about their job. For those looking to enter the security guard field, the responses may be enlightening.

Of the respondents, 59 percent said that a job as a security guard gave them the opportunity to serve the public. Another 55 percent indicated that the work is interesting and 53 percent see security guard work as a career.

Common Guard Tasks The survey also found that access control (monitoring who enters/exits specific areas) is the most common task (54 percent). Second was physical patrols (48 percent) followed by customer service (44 percent), monitoring/managing alarms and emergencies (39 percent), enforcing rules (39 percent) and basic investigations (32 percent).

Eighty-five percent of respondents said they receive ongoing training. Security guard companies such as Access Control Security provide regular continuing education training plus additional training for specific tasks. Specialized training, for example, was needed when pandemic safety and health rules needed to be followed by workers and the public in general.

Security officers in nine countries were surveyed so views can vary depending on the security requirements of each country, but the survey does give a good indication of the type of work undertaken when taking on the role of a security guard.

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