online guard card training

A security guard’s job has several advantages, despite the fact that it may not initially seem attractive. Security guards frequently have the option of setting their own work hours or working a flexible number of hours each week. Security officers are also regularly required to patrol, which enables them to maintain a healthy body weight, obtain better sleep, improve their cardiovascular fitness, etc.  The fact that security guard work offers moral fulfillment and is generally regarded as the steadiest career is the most important component of the job.  Security officers are now regarded as having very respectable jobs as a result of the pandemic. Companies today expect security personnel that are trained and BSIS certified in order to secure their staff and business.

As a result, working as a security guard is a wise choice if you’re looking for a position with a bright future.

Access Control Security (ACS), a well-known online guard card training provider, offers candidates the opportunity to enroll in a top-notch and comprehensive guard card training course.  ACS uses highly qualified, sector-specific specialists who facilitate several interactive sessions, role-plays, and debates to make the training sessions interesting and understandable.

The two portions of the ACS basic training are as follows:

  • Four hours of power to arrest: The candidate’s training will use “The Department of Consumer Affairs’ Power to Arrest Training Manual” as a reference. The training’s main goal is to provide comprehensive knowledge of security guards’ obligations under the law. Training includes a lot of discussions, exercises, lectures, and role-playing for better comprehension.
  • WMD (four hours) – The training is given to applicants using “The Department of Consumer Affairs’ Weapons of Mass Destruction & Terrorism Awareness for Security Professionals course” as the reference book. This course’s primary objective is to impart thorough knowledge of the approaches for evaluating, identifying, and reporting precursor activities to terrorist events.

You will be qualified to apply for a temporary guard card license and obtain employment as a security guard once you have finished the course mentioned above.  Before you can start working as a security guard on the job, you must complete an additional 32 hours of training.

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