Security guards find themselves in all sorts of situations once they are licensed and on the job. A recent survey by the International Foundation For Protection Officers asked security guards what they liked about their jobs. For those thinking about becoming a security guard, the survey results might be of value.

Security Guard Job Impressions. Of those surveyed, 59 percent say that the job provides an opportunity to serve the public, 55 percent indicated the work was interesting and 53 percent saw it as a career.

The tasks done most often are access control (54 percent), physical patrols (48 percent), customer service (44 percent), monitoring and managing alarms and emergencies (39 percent), enforcing rules (39 percent) and basic investigations (32 percent).

Training. Respondents said that training was highly effective in customer service, situational awareness and emergency response. The report found that ongoing training is an important factor in how effective guards’ training is perceived to be.

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