One of the most common duties of a security guard is to diffuse conflicts. Arguments between employees and customers, between strangers and between people who know each other are on the rise. It seems some don’t mind saying what they feel even if it’s offensive and hurts others. That’s where security guard training comes in.

Conflict Management. Part of security guard license training involves handling difficult people. Guard students receive instruction on conflict management, speaking constructively, valuing diversity, negotiating and verbal diffusion. The goal is to calm heated emotions.

These skills are regularly used in retail settings—when a customer becomes angry with an employee, for example. Or when securing an event, restaurant, bar or other location, especially where alcohol is available.

The training is part of the 40-hour guard program that must be completed before being issued a full security guard license by California’s Bureau of Security, Investigative Services (BSIS). Access Control Security provides the BSIS courses online.

If yu’re looking for a rewarding career in a high-demand, growing profession, becoming a security guard may be right for you. For information on licensing requirements in California, contact Access Control Security, go to or call 877-482-7324.