Most of a security guard’s work is to monitor behavior, interact with the public and look for suspicious activity. In many cases, security guards are the difference between calm and chaos.

Making An Impact. The tragic events over the past few months have shown us that the work of security guards has never been more important. Guards are always looking for individuals acting inappropriately or dangerously. Just having those extra eyes can prevent a crime from happening.

Part of the training for your California guard license includes:

–Communications and Conflict Management

–Recognizing and Responding to Pre-Attack Indicators

–Identify personal reactions to confrontation

–Handling Difficult Personalities

These are just a few of the topics included in the BSIS California guard license training program. For a full description, go to To be licensed requires 40 hours of intense training.

If you’re looking for a rewarding career in a high-demand, growing profession, becoming a security guard may be right for you. For information on licensing requirements in California, contact Access Control Security. Go to or call 877-482-7324 to learn more.