People expect a security guard to be well trained in security and safety measures. Acquiring these skills and passing the required license certification courses is just the start. There is so much more to being a first-rate security guard.

Excellent Communication Skills. Much of a security guard’s duties involve interacting with the public. This interaction can be as simple as providing directions to as serious as conducting an evacuation after an emergency. Security guards must be courteous, patient and clear. In cases when guards must address a rowdy patron or someone suspected of breaking the law, a skilled security guard will know how to be persuasive and how to deescalate a tense situation so the individual complies with their requests. Excellent written skills are also a must. Guards should be able to write concise reports for clients, and when necessary, for law enforcement.

Be Alert. A lot goes on in public places. In shopping malls, retail stores, hotels, festivals, sporting events, schools–at any given moment, crowds of people are interacting with one another. The same holds true at private locations—whether it is a manufacturer, gated community, office building, warehouse or hospital. Top security guard companies deploy guards who are ever alert—looking for suspicious behavior, people in distress or items that seem out of place.

Commitment To Clients. Professional security guards know that it is the client who comes first. Clients count on guards to be their security eyes and ears. Dedicated guards will always arrive on time (or early). Their uniforms will be clean and neat (they know that the uniform makes them a figure of authority). Their duties are well defined ahead of time and in sync with the client’s requests. Professional security guards are always honest—the client can be confident that the guards are ready to do the right thing and make the correct decisions.

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