Unsettling increases in coronavirus cases in California have resulted in a growing demand for security guards. To fill the demand, security guard companies are seeking motivated individuals to go through the initial training program and begin work as frontline workers in preventing the virus from spreading.

Potential guards must successfully complete a vigorous online training program that covers security guard functions that are especially applicable to today’s security guard needs. One area of the course curriculum includes how to:

–Write an effective report

–Take descriptive and useful field notes

–Properly employ all senses in observation

–Conduct an appropriate interview

–Understand and develop respect of others

–Apply appropriate verbal skills and crisis intervention

–Understand diversity

–Understand the code of ethics and proper code of conduct

–Present a professional appearance and presence

Every day, guards are using their training at hospitals, medical clinics, retail outlets, restaurants and other locations where the public must go through screening procedures before entering.

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