With the COVID-19 pandemic showing no signs of slowing, the increased demand for pandemic-related security guards services in California will continue in 2021.

We saw a big increase in the requests for security guard services last year. Our guards have been stationed at hospitals, medical offices, in retail stores, manufacturing facilities, private communities and public spaces since the pandemic began. We provide temperature screenings, ensure people are following safety and health guidelines in addition to providing standard security services. We expect the demand for security won’t slow down in 2021.

Fire Watch And Property Security. There has also been a big increase in the need for fire watch and property security guards. Wildfires are now commonplace. We’re asked to protect property while owners are under mandatory evacuations. We also patrol stores and businesses that have had to shut down in-person operations. Vacant homes, private communities, businesses and retail outlets are prime targets for criminals.

Security companies such as ACS are constantly looking for qualified individuals who are interested in careers in the security guard field. The steps to become a certified guard include going through background checks by Department of Justice and FBI and successfully completing Bureau of Security, Investigative Services (BSIS) courses. Once completed, individuals are allowed to perform basic guard functions. They then must complete an additional 32 hours of compulsory education within the first six months of employment as a guard and annual continuing education thereafter.

A career as a security guard can be very fulfilling, especially in times like these. To be successful, you need excellent people and communication skills as well as the ability to provide swift and professional security services in volatile or emergency situations.

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