The number of infected individuals is finally going down in California. With that, the state is loosening gathering restrictions for restaurants, places of worship, gyms, hair salons, museums, zoos and campgrounds. Strict rules still apply and security guards are being recruited to ensure healthy and safety rules are followed in high-population areas including Los Angeles County.

Security Guards Requirements. Not everyone qualifies to be a California security guard. To start, potential security guards must undergo and pass a criminal history background check through the California Department of Justice and the FBI. Before guards can go out on patrol, they have to successfully complete Power to Arrest training.

Once this training is completed, guards are issued a security guard card by the California Bureau of Security & Investigative Services. This card means that the guard has learned security guard-related legal and liability issues, arresting skills, de-escalation techniques and an overview of trespassing laws.

Further Security Guard Training.  The initial required courses are only the beginning of guard training in California. New guards must complete another 32 hours of course work within the first six months of acquiring their security guard card. In addition, guards must complete another 8 hours of training each year.

Some high profile security guard firms, such as Access Control Security (ACS), go beyond the required training. As the security needs of its clients change, ACS, for example, requires its guards to take on more training. When healthy and security measures were put in place last year to reduce the spread of the virus, ACS immediately trained its guards on how to take touchless temperatures, conduct health inquiries and enforce social distancing and other safety measures.

Security guards will be playing an increasing role in our world. If you are interested in a security guard career in Los Angeles County and throughout California, go to