Security guards juggle a lot of duties. Guards need to always be on the alert for suspicious activity, they monitor property entrances, patrol parking lots, conduct crowd control and are first to respond in case of an emergency. Another part of the job, and possibly its most rewarding, is being a hero.

Security Guard Standouts. Security guard heroes are everywhere. In one case, a security guard saw a young girl struggling in the water at a public lake. The guard jumped into the water and saved her. In another instance, a shoplifter had pinned a police officer to the ground. A security guard subdued the attacker. The police officer credits the guard for saving his life. Finally, a school security guard quickly responded when she saw a high schooler choking on food while eating in the cafeteria. She performed the Heimlich Maneuver. The guard says her training enabled her to save the boy’s life.

Not every day will require these types of heroic actions, but because of their guard training, security guards will know that they will be ready and able to act appropriately when a serious issue arises. Their training also prepares them for other on-duty functions. Training sessions includes crime prevention, arrest techniques, communication practices, handling difficult people and preserving an incident scene.

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