With crime increasing everywhere, security guards are in demand. They are being asked to guard stores, malls, schools, religious institutions, events, businesses and residential areas as reports of break-ins, shootings and other violent acts dominate the daily news. For individuals interested in security guard careers, now is an ideal time to begin training.

Before Training Begins

California security guard licenses are registered with the Bureau of Security and Investigative Service (BSIS).  To be eligible to apply for a security guard registration, you must be at least 18 years old and undergo and pass a criminal history background check including fingerprinting by the California Dept. of Justice and the FBI. The guard applicant must also complete the BSIS eight-hour “Power to Arrest” training and pass the training exam with a 100 percent.

Going To Work As A Security Guard

Completing these requirements will allow the applicant to begin work as a security guard in a limited capacity. Within 30 days of the initial registration, an additional 16 hours of training must be completed. Another 16 hours of training must take place within 6 months of registration. At that point, the guard qualifies for full licensing. Eight hours of continuing education are required annually.

Other permit training is available for caring firearms, using tear gas and baton use.

If you’re looking for a rewarding career in a high-demand profession, and you have the right temperament and social skills, becoming a security guard may be right for you. For information on licensing requirements in California, contact Access Control Security. Go to https://www.247GuardTraining.com or call 877-482-7324 to learn more.