Over the past year, security guards have been asked to take on a significant number of new responsibilities. They undertake these new roles with ease primarily because of the skills they received during guard training. Security guards in Orange County are now routinely stationed at medical centers where they conduct health screenings. They are asked to ensure that the public complies with health regulations at grocery stores, restaurants and office buildings. And, they protect property during times of unrest.

Not everyone is cut out to be a security guard. There are times of stress as well as times of tremendous satisfaction after a job well done. This past year has had its share of both.

Guard Training. California security guard training programs provide a solid foundation to help new security guards succeed even in the most volatile situations. Initial training includes de-escalation techniques, restraint and arrest methods, liability and legal issues, trespass laws and how to gather and coordinate critical information.

After passing the initial training course, further training is required that covers subjects including ethics and professionalism, observation skills, efficient patrol, report writing, questioning suspects, use of verbal skills and crisis intervention.

Top security guard firms, such as Access Control Security (ACS), add extra training, especially as the security needs of businesses and the public change. This training flexibility enables guard companies to assign their guards whenever new security issues arise.

A security guard career is a rewarding and satisfying profession. If you are interested in becoming a security guard in Orange County or anywhere in California, go to https://www.247GuardTraining.com.